Lia Mesme

Behind the mask...

Lia is a Swedish artist who discovered her love for art at an early age. She first started writing short stories on those typical boring Sundays when she was at the family-owned restaurant with her father, while he was preparing for next week. She once took the parchment papers out of the bakery crates, and that's when she began writing.

At age six, she discovered the beauty of acting, and later on, she joined a theater group, and successfully auditioned and completed a drama school too.

As an old soul, a dreamer, and a wanderer, she began another artistic adventure at age 13 as an Irish dancer. After two years she got an offer from a dance company, and started touring with them. After 13 years, she quit dancing, and lost herself in the maze of reality, and began working in her other profession as an occupational therapist.

During that period, Lia called herself "the clown trapped in reality" as she was experiencing an identity crisis and struggling to meet society's expectations. Redefining success and creating a "surreal reality", she's now working in various creative positions, always seeking for something new that inspires her soul .

About the masks

Lia's passion for making plaster of Paris masks began when she was working at the National Institute of Medical Rehabilitation in Hungary, Budapest. Her artwork is a unique way to express the permanent battle between hope and darkness. She brings untold stories to the surface, and she is encouraging people suffering from a mental illness to reach out and talk about it.